What’s beneath your feet?

9 11 2012

Beginning the week of October 22, SDOT will install a “Light Penetrating Surfaces Study” on Pier 62/63 as part of the Elliott Bay Seawall Project. Three test surfaces will be installed in the pier’s wooden decking: steel grating, glass planks, and a light tube. These surfaces could help increase the amount of natural light reaching the water of Elliott Bay, an important part of a healthy ecosystem. By minimizing the light to dark contrast that overwater structures – like piers and walkways – create, light penetrating surfaces can improve habitat diversity and salmon migrationalong our shoreline.

Each of these surfaces could be installed along the future seawall. They are being compared to understand their effectiveness at transmitting light. Take a walk to Pier 62/63 to see these light penetrating surfaces in action! And the project team would love to hear your feedback. Do you like the look of one type over another? Is one easier to walk on or around? What questions do you have?




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