History Channel Debut – Seattle Seawall Infrastructure

20 08 2010

I just spent 4 hours on a boat with the film crew and hosts of the new upcoming History Channel show “Operation Infrastructure” (working title). We drove around Elliott Bay and discussed the seawall and the viaduct developments. The show airs in 2011. Stay tuned for news! Check out the show description below:

“Operation Infrastructure” (working title) is a great historical and informational tech show where Tim & Chad will take us through the science of engineering and the architecture of America’s Infrastructure.

America is a great country known for its innovation and resiliency. Our nation’s infrastructure was built to last and be the best, but right now at this pivotal moment in history, according to the ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers) America’s infrastructure earns the grade-point average of a D. We are in need of billions of dollars to repair and expand our nations infrastructure so we can thrive in the next century.

Enter; Timothy Galarnyk, an engineer and inspector, the practical, no-nonsense, go-to-guy who has been tracking America’s infrastructure for years; and fellow host, Chad Housekecht, our all around fix-it guy, risk-taker and quick-witted amateur historian.

 Together these two tour across America to take a look at our nation’s infrastructures: bridges, tunnels, roadways, rails, dams, sewer mains, power lines, communications towers, building structures, you name it! Tim & Chad will explain the history and the engineering behind the most urgent projects on our nations to-do list, while unraveling the logistics and the steps that need to be taken to get results.”

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April 2011 UPDATE: The show was restructured and is now called INSPECTOR AMERICA. I appeared in the Seattle episode which aired May 1st.

About Inspector America:

America has one of the greatest infrastructures in history, with roadways, dams, tunnels and bridges that were built to last. But over the decades, the infrastructure that helped our country grow hasn’t kept up with the times–from underground sewers built during the Gold Rush to highways designed for 1925 traffic. Now, HISTORY sets out to inspect the country to see what is up to code and what needs to be fixed. Timothy Galarnyk, an infrastructure safety inspector with over 35 years of experience, hosts INSPECTOR AMERICA. Galarnyk’s initial sweep takes him to six American locations that have infrastructure challenges. He uses the tools of his trade to evaluate the structures, gauge dangers and offer opinions on how to deal with it. Galarnyk also highlights the good news and positive projects in the area.




One response

15 05 2011
Barb Adams

Don’t we pay our government to oversee SAFETY OF OUR INFRASTRUCTURE?! yet we’re pouring billions into the infrastructure into Afghanistan!

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