Seattle Seawall Habitat Enhancement Project

21 04 2010

Check out the Seattle Seawall Habitat Enhancement Project Website:


Engineers and scientists from the City of Seattle and University of Washington have been collaborating on the Seattle Seawall Habitat Enhancement project for years and in early 2008, they installed “habitat enhancement test panels” mounted onto the seawall along the central waterfront in downtown Seattle.  The purpose was to investigate whether the addition of more complex substrate could increase intertidal biodiversity and productivity, particularly for juvenile salmon prey species.  The succession and ecology of these habitat test panels has been monitored over 2008 & 2009 and additional monitoring will continue through 2011. 

Seattle’s seawall is need of major repairs and replacement and construction on a new seawall is expected to occur within the next few years.  The findings of this study may help inform the future design of Seattle’s seawall.  




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