Back in the USA

3 12 2009

I am now back in the States and can say I truly enjoyed my trip down under. I would like to thank all the people who met with me and were so open and informative. I am now compiling all the information I received to put up more detailed posts about my visits to each city.

The next steps for the scholarship include:

  • a Waterfront Tour with Seattle Architecture Foundation on January 30th, 2010.
  • Also, I will be building models and boards for a presentation at the AIA Seattle in March 2010. This presentation will be traveling to several exhibit spaces. I will be updating the blog as I receive more details. 

I was lucky enough to come back on the day the People’s Waterfront Coalition was having a meeting. However jet lagged, I was able to listen to Marshall Foster, City of Seattle Department of Planning and Development Planner in charge of administering the new Central Waterfront Partnerships Committee recently formed by the City of Seattle.  The Seattle City Council adopted Ordinance 123142, which has created a Central Waterfront Partnerships Committee with the goal of fostering collaboration between a range of civic and community organizations to recommend models for the management, programming and use of new public spaces on the Central Waterfront.   For more information about the committee, visit here or here. It’s an exciting step to build a team early on with the waterfront’s best ideas in mind. I will keep updated on the development of the Committee and their decisions.




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