STOP #2 – Brisbane

24 11 2009

Brisbane is the state capital of the Australian state of Queensland and is the largest city in that state. With an estimated population of approximately 2 million, it is also the third most populous city in Australia.

The city is situated on the Brisbane River on a low-lying floodplain between Moreton Bay and the Great Dividing Range in southeastern Queensland. Brisbane is fast becoming a world city renowned for its culture, architecture and landscape. The metropolitan area is surrounded by many national parks, and contains many rivers, bays and inlets.

The Future Port Expansion (FPE) Seawall at the Fisherman Islands is one of the biggest marine-based projects undertaken in Queensland, catering for rapid commercial growth around Brisbane’s port area. The FPE seawall alliance has demonstrated that it is possible to deliver seawall upgrades and new infrastructure without sacrificing the delicate environment.

I intend to discern how this seawall has been planned and executed as well as how the current built environment is responding to it. I will be meeting with Brad Kitchen from the Port of Brisbane to discuss the ecological assessment of their Rockwall 5 years after its completion.




2 responses

6 07 2010
Orlando Marine Contractors

Great read!

24 11 2009
Bill LaPatra

Cristina –
Just got had a chance to review your worktodate and your discoveries. Great job on discussing conceptual goals and actual execution . Hope your trip goes well.
We miss you hear back at mithun – Keep the journal entries coming.

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